The Growth Inhibitor


I’ve encountered far too many business owners who are resigned to staying small in their reach and influence because they believe it takes too much to reach the next level.

If you haven’t read Michael Gerber’s the E-Myth Revisited then I highly suggest you pick it up. This passage in particular points to the place where most entrepreneurs get stuck and need support to push through.

Every Adolescent business reaches a point where it pushes beyond its owner’s Comfort Zone – the boundary within which he feels secure in his ability to control his environment, and outside of which he begins to lose that control.

For most of us that breaking point is where we cannot do it all ourselves – all the tasks, checklists, launches, finances, meetings or clients and there’s no one else we trust to manage that part of the business. The result is either working until we’re physically exhausted, sick of our business and ready to quit or taking the brave step to admit more help is needed and finding resources to grow beyond the Comfort Zone.

Trying to do it all on your own is the primary growth inhibitor of most online businesses.

It’s because of the mindset of this stuck entrepreneur, who is immensely talented but mired in details of business and doesn’t know how to get support, that I operate my business. I support the entrepreneur who knows help is needed but doesn’t know where to start.

I’ve written about support plenty in the past because I don’t believe you can create systems that run the business for you – you need people too. The more I shared I kept hearing “but where do I start?” And just like Michael Gerber teaches, I decided to back up and create a complete system for you.

Another catalyst for this program was reading a post from a former client on a public forum that bashed the team for some mistakes. I believe it’s time to stop blaming and shaming the people who come into our lives and business to help us grow and take responsibility for our leadership failures. Every time I look at my business with any amount of frustration I force myself to take a step back. Was I clear? Did I hire the right people? How much training time did I dedicate?

I wanted to teach this awareness and consciousness because, at some point, we’ve all been in the place of that shamed employee and no one liked the feeling. The challenges are different in online business so I want to help you create and environment that honors and respects the contributions of each person without you becoming a servant to your staff.

So after hearing many entrepreneurs struggle with the issue of hiring and being unable to see their own contribution to the outcome I created a video series out of my personal hiring system. It goes beyond the step by step to give you a foundation of putting the business and yourself first while creating that positive environment that will attract the best team to you in record time.

It’s 5 Days to Finding Fabulous Help for Your Online Business and it’s absolutely free to you. There are 5 daily videos with assignments, resources and a guide to create the right environment to bring support into your business – whether you need 3 full time employees or a VA 2 hours a week.

Just fill in the boxes on the top of this page to get started with day 1 video today and commit to growing your business past your Comfort Zone with a proven system.

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  • Stephanie

    Great post, Kelly, and so true! Looking forward to viewing the remaining videos!