How to handle emergencies in your business

I was finally in the water a few miles off the shore of Cozumel after years of planning to visit the island and putting my snorkel skills to good use on a reef when everything went pear shaped. The first indication was the leader of our small group of snorkelers went back to the boat, something I didn’t immediately notice. The second indication was the boat pulling away, leaving me and an 8 year old in the water.

Are you ignoring leads?

When I arrived for Easter lunch I wasn’t expecting to be drafted into the role of Easter bunny but there I was, basket full of eggs full of candy, frantically hiding them alongside my aunt in her backyard. By the end we just threw them haphazardly across the grass (there was a toddler after all) and rushed the kids outdoors. We weren’t being cruel, the skies opened up and poured on us 2 minutes after the last egg was collected.

It’s time to speak up and step out

I’m so tired of hearing how “selfish” it is for entrepreneurs to hide their “gifts and talents” from the world. For one, an entrepreneur that doesn’t have the expert training, business set up, insurance – even the confidence! – to make an offer shouldn’t jump the gun just because some guru calls them selfish.

Let me tell you a quick story.

When I first decided that the 9-to-5 life wasn’t for me I wanted to be a professional photographer. And I am so glad that I never went all out to promote that business idea. Why? Because I’m not a brilliant photographer. Sure, I knew a little and like the photos I take for myself, but if I’d tried to get client at that juncture I’d just be doing them (and myself) a disservice.

Is your business herky jerky?

Sometimes I listen to the stories that entrepreneurs tell about their journey and it sounds like b.s. Great story telling often leaves out the important – but boring – parts like “then there were 3 months when I got no sales and wanted to cry daily” or “and then we worked the same business plan for a year seeing small but steady growth.”

No one likes to hear about those things because we crave excitement. But it can also lead entrepreneurs wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Not every day can be a 5 star day. There will be boring days too. And that’s okay.

What Cleaning My Garage Taught me About Systems

When it comes to cleaning I don’t really have a “system” – Martha Stewart would in fact be appalled at how much I skip around.

Truthfully, I don’t really enjoy cleaning as much as I enjoy the result, something that most adults can probably relate to. You may not like laundry but appreciate avoiding frostbite in the winter and public nudity charges.

So when I go clean, I tend to bounce around from one task to another until I’m either exhausted or have seen a big enough difference to quit for the day. This past weekend while I was cleaning up my garage, installing door trim, painting, organizing and gathering a big pile for donation, it hit me.