Is your business herky jerky?

Sometimes I listen to the stories that entrepreneurs tell about their journey and it sounds like b.s. Great story telling often leaves out the important – but boring – parts like “then there were 3 months when I got no sales and wanted to cry daily” or “and then we worked the same business plan for a year seeing small but steady growth.”

No one likes to hear about those things because we crave excitement. But it can also lead entrepreneurs wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Not every day can be a 5 star day. There will be boring days too. And that’s okay.

What Cleaning My Garage Taught me About Systems

When it comes to cleaning I don’t really have a “system” – Martha Stewart would in fact be appalled at how much I skip around.

Truthfully, I don’t really enjoy cleaning as much as I enjoy the result, something that most adults can probably relate to. You may not like laundry but appreciate avoiding frostbite in the winter and public nudity charges.

So when I go clean, I tend to bounce around from one task to another until I’m either exhausted or have seen a big enough difference to quit for the day. This past weekend while I was cleaning up my garage, installing door trim, painting, organizing and gathering a big pile for donation, it hit me.

Keep your business running like a well-oiled machine

In entrepreneurship these days we tend to shy away from anything behaving “like a machine.” And while it’s admirable that we’re reminded that businesses are run by humans and we should behave accordingly, I think we’re giving machines a bad rap.

I blame i, Robot.

Machines, when built correctly, are designed to behave how we train them. Your calculator tabulates numbers correctly every time if built correctly. You never have to cajole it to show up or stop fussing, at the very least some fresh batteries every few years.

How to Blog Consistently (Even when you don’t feel like it)

I’m of the belief that everyone has something to say, even if they’re naturally introverted. We each have skills and lessons and truths that we’ve amassed over years of being on the earth and in business.

So why is it so dang hard to get the words out consistently?

If you’re struggling with content, whether it’s blogging, podcasting or vlogging (video blogging if you’re unaware), then while I can’t tell you why writer’s block pops up, I can give some ideas on how to overcome it.

5 Things I Want to Tell Entrepreneurs

In a world full of fake advertising, misleading marketers and lying liars, I feel a little honesty is always needed. Entrepreneurship isn’t all sunshine and smiles.

It’s hard.

So instead of lying and pretending that things are always perfect, here are 5 things I want you to know about this journey that we are on together.

1. It’s okay to have self doubt. Insecurity. Worries. And yes, even crippling, paralyzing fear. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something they can’t possibly deliver, or – to be fair – is totally delusional.