Communicating time off with clients

Have you ever reached out with something that was time sensitive and extremely important, only to get an unexpected ‘out of office’ reply? Now, how do you prevent your own clients from that frustration when you’re out for the holidays, vacation, or travel?

Today I am sharing how you can communicate your time off with clients and establish boundaries to protect your time.

When it’s time to go on a vacation or close up shop for the holidays the one thing you can’t forget to do is notify your clients. After all, whether they come into your shop or expect a weekly call, it’s unprofessional to simply not show up. And, trust me, the last thing you want to be notified of is an upset client at home while you’re enjoying some relaxation.

How to strategically work ahead

When it comes to planning ahead for an upcoming holiday or time off, one of the best ways to keep the momentum in your marketing and business is to work ahead of the calendar. No matter what your business model, there are always tasks that you can do in advance to save time later. Today we’ll be going through 3 categories of tasks and I’m sharing my tracking docs in your free Swipe My Systems file at the end of the post.

Category 1: Marketing

Making time for time off

Do you ever look at the incredible amount of stuff you have to do and resign yourself to spending 100 hours a week working?

Today we’re talking about making time for time off so you don’t burn out.

One of the things I will always appreciate my Mom for introducing in my life is the concept of a “mental health holiday” – it was a single day (usually a Friday) during my school-aged years when, if I had no tests or assignments due, I could take the day off of school.

Integrating holidays into your marketing

Winter is coming and, with it, the holidays. Recently during an Infusionsoft training call we tackled how you can prepare for the upcoming season to continue marketing your business without sacrificing personal time. While that training focused specifically on Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy, today I want to share more generally about upcoming holidays, no matter what you celebrate.

Strategy #1 Plan your time off

While some people first start with their holiday marketing strategy, I prefer to know the time and dates that I want to take off and work around those restraints. Taking time off will not only force you to be more efficient with the time you are working, but creates a sense of balance in an otherwise hectic time.

How to get fresh ideas for content marketing

Once you’ve made the commitment to regularly share content through a blog, podcast, or guest posting position, the challenge becomes creating fresh, exciting content regularly.

Today we’ll look at some simple ways to always have content marketing ideas you’re excited to write about ready to go.

First, make the commitment to writing content, even if it’s short, every week. By staying in content-creation mode, you’ll be on the lookout for ideas all the time.

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Start a list, on your computer or in a journal, of blog post ideas or topics. You can get these anywhere – from other businesses, topics of conversation, anywhere! There’s no judgment when you add an idea to the list.


The second step is a little brainstorming. Ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I wish my clients knew before working with me?
2. What’s the biggest lie in my industry?
3. The question I am asked most frequently is ________, and
4. If I could let everyone know a single thing it would be ____________.

It’s okay if you think of 5 things you want people to know – that can easily be 5 blog posts.

Your third step is to set aside time each week to write or record content. Go through your ideas list and choose the topic that you’re most excited to write about. I don’t schedule out topics too far in advance, because I never want it to feel forced. Instead I write what’s on my heart to share.

Now you might be wondering, what about batching?

Batching is the process of doing a lot of content at once which is great, especially if you have expenses such as equipment rentals for video cameras or want to plan ahead so you’re not working on a blog post during your upcoming vacation.

I would caution you not to attempt to batch too much content at once, especially if you’re just starting out. Work on getting a month done at a time, and then add more when you’re ready.

And, while you don’t have to be perfect, consistency is important. Imagine you drove by a restaurant that was closed half the time or that changed its hours constantly. Not knowing what to expect day to day, you would probably not go there often. An online business that doesn’t give fresh content is a little like a storefront that never changes and it’s hard to see signs of life if you’re not marketing and communicating with your list.