What’s your marketing strategy?

One of the first terms you’ll learn in any beginner marketing class is “low hanging fruit” and it applies to the users or clients who are ripe and ready to buy.

These are the college students to Starbucks or the Superbowl fans at a bar. These customers are already in a buying mood and can seemingly fall into your lap if you’re in the right place with a great offer. In other words, selling isn’t really hard for these customers.

But then there are the other clients – those not quite ready yet.

Quick tips to get your systems started

Often we assume that we need 10,000 hours or months of practice to make any meaningful change. This mindset goes far beyond business to any aspect of life: fitness, cleaning, animal training, learning a new skill…

In fact, the best thing you can do when you need to make big changes is to start small. You’ll avoid getting overwhelmed and, as a newbie, that’s easy to do. Getting small wins can also push you forward and make it easier to tackle the bigger projects.

Projects, Procrastination and Performance

In a little less than a month I’ll be driving my new (old) Cadillac in a local parade, and when I was invited my first thought was “great!” and the second one was “except the car isn’t running right now…”

To be fair, the car is in great shape but there was an electrical issue draining the battery, the tires were 8+ years old, and I had little to no confidence in the car starting from park position.

Armed with a deadline I went to work. In under a week and for far less expense that I imagined, the car is looking spiffy with new tires and running smoother than ever.

Beat your inbox into submission

It sounds like a luxury of the 1%… an inbox that never overflows with a multitude of messages that can take up hours a day and leave you feeling overwhelmed even on the best of days.

But I promise that with a few simple techniques you too can overcome the inbox stress and even take a day off without checking in.

Strategy #1 – Your Inbox is not a doorbell

Stick with me on this one because I promise you’re treating your email like the front door instead of a mailbox. Because email is immediate it often feels like someone is knocking on your front door and repeatedly ringing the doorbell to request your attention. You don’t want to leave them waiting, right?

Appreciating change, even when it sucks

I began to write this article with a bit of sadness because the system that I’ve used and enjoyed for the past 4 years is getting retired this week. Since starting this newsletter back in 2011 (when there were 8, count ’em 8! subscribers) I have been writing the content inside the software Backpack from 37Signals.

I’ve known for awhile it’s time to move to a new solution but making the change has been intimidating. After weeks of work with my fabulous team we’re about to make the leap and this article will be the last to live in Backpack.