Organize your computer, organize your life

It’s true that these days the computer has become an extension of our brains. It’s where we bookmark ideas, get access to accounts, store memories and can access everything from movies to a calculator.

Which is why it’s a good idea to occasionally shake up and clean out the old computer to make sure it continues to serve your needs. Here are some quick and easy tips to keeping your computer organized:

Tip #1 Move files OFF your desktop and into folders

3 Steps for Entrepreneurs to Manage their Business Better

If you ask a 100 entrepreneurs the hardest thing about running a business you’ll get 100 different answers. We struggle with challenges differently because, gasp!, we’re unique people.

Sidenote: I’ve been trying to communicate this point in various interviews lately. There is no one archetype of an entrepreneur.

Yet, even as we are a melting pot of personalities, backgrounds, skills and training, many entrepreneurs have a similar struggle. 

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I don’t mean in the Steve Jobs “embody the vision of a leader” or even “be someone that others will follow.”

I’m talking about managing your time, tasks and team. The big 3 if you will.

Because if there’s one truth that seems to permeate the longer you’re in business for yourself, it’s that if the downside of a J-O-B is following some rules, the upside is that they handle so much of the bullshit.

Terms & Conditions.
Quarterly planning.
Firing people.

It’s all handled by specialists! But now, as an entrepreneur all of that and more is on your plate. And especially in the lean times it’s not always feasible to outsource everything that really needs to get done.

So, how do you really become a good manager? It’s a huge topic so today I’m just going to focus on managing tasks.

Tasks are the critical link in the chain of “getting crap done.”

Tasks make up projects.

Little projects make up bigger ones.

Projects create your business’ value whether that’s physical products, sponsorships or other competitive advantages.

Managing tasks is simpler than you think

Notice I didn’t say easy. Easy doesn’t always mean simple.

There are 3 basic steps to managing tasks, whether you’re the one taking action or someone else is supporting.

Step 1: Clarify what needs to be done.
Step 2: Allocate time for the task.
Step 3: When the time arrives, do the task.

Let me give you 2 examples to put this into action.

Example 1: I should really do a weekly newsletter…

Step 1: I’d like to send a weekly newsletter to my list to help them where they’re struggling and remind them that we’re here as a resource.
Step 2: On average it takes 60 minutes to write, edit and prepare a newsletter. Look! There’s an hour on my calendar Monday mornings when I’m working but not yet ready to talk to people!
Step 3: It’s Monday morning. Got my coffee and a calendar reminder. Goes and writes newsletter.

Example 2: I wish I had more time to update old content

Step 1: It would be best to start with my programs older than 3 years as those bring in income and my field is changing so much.
Step 2: Every Thursday afternoon I get to take my laptop to Starbucks where I get a nice chai tea, turn on some tunes and work through the modules for old programs. If I need to re-record videos or audio I’ll do that on Fridays the same week.
Step 3: It’s Thursday, let’s go to Starbucks!

*Action Step:* 
Now it’s your turn, because managing your own tasks (and by default your time as well) is the only way you’re going to reach your goals as an entrepreneur. There’s no manager. No boss standing over your shoulder saying “those TPS reports better be in by Friday!”

It’s up to you.

So, start by selecting one task – easy or hard – and going through the 3 steps:
Step 1: Clarify what needs to be done.
Step 2: Allocate time for the task.
Step 3: When the time arrives, do the task.

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5 Things to Do Before Buying Infusionsoft (or switching to any new CRM software)

Every week I talk to entrepreneurs who are ready to make a change to a new software to host their CRM (client relationship management). Sometimes they’re moving into Infusionsoft but others come up as well.

And just about every week I tell someone NOT to purchase that day. The reason is simple.

Most businesses are not organized and ready for a new CRM and waste hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So here’s my handy-dandy, top 5 things you must do before a move:

5 Strategies to survive when life goes crazy

It happens to us all. The month where everything happens at once, when someone quits without notice or family obligations keep you busy 24/7.

Most adults would consider taking extra vacation time from work in order to manage during the chaos.

Entrepreneurs remember with fondness that thing called “paid time off.” Sigh. “Wouldn’t it be nice?” you think as you send out another proposal, get that email copy finished, finalize a client meeting for tomorrow and wonder how you’re going to get it all done if you have just one more client or obligation added to the ever growing to do list.

While we can’t wave a magic wand in your direction here are 5 ways you can survive as an entrepreneur when life is just too busy.

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1.  Say no

Instead of jumping on every business opportunity and every family obligation you’re presented with say no.

If it helps, practice by having your partner or assistant ask you ridiculous favors. Then say no and press an imaginary Staples button: “that was easy.”

You may be the most capable, responsible, giving person in the room but you can’t do it all, all the time. Saying no allows other people to step in and do their piece as well. Let them.

In fact…

2.  Ask for help

It could be as simple as recruiting a babysitter for the afternoons that you need to write or having someone proof your work while you work with clients.

In the business start by having a conversation with your team members. Let them know how this time is shaping up and get their support in new areas – even if it’s just for a short period of time.

At home you might just need to relax those standards. Unless you’re Martha Stewart few people will be judging how often you vacuum and if your garden is weed free. For those things you can’t set on the back burner (children, bill paying, grocery shopping), ask for help from your partner or older children or hire some temporary help in the form of a college student.

3.  Create self care time

It’s a little counter intuitive but when you’re the busiest it’s even more important to take care of yourself. Becoming ill or worn down to the point of collapse will do nothing to help you through this chaotic time so remember to put your needs in priority.

This might mean having a cut off time at night so you’re able to get enough sleep or making sure you hit the gym every day for a workout or time in the jacuzzi.

When you’re busy it’s easy to go to convenience options like eating out. Remember that when you’re working harder than before your body will need proper fuel which includes water, sleep and healthy food. Remember that college student who needs cash even more than you need rest? Hire him or her to spend a few hours in your kitchen prepping snacks, meals for the freezer and cleaning so that you have healthy options without the stress.

4.  Break it down

No, don’t have a breakdown, but when you’re staring at a mountain of work and responsibilities break it all down into smaller chunks.

You may have a big proposal that’s due in a few weeks. Outline it and devote time each day to finishing up the sections. Got a client whose workload is increasing? Set aside time during your week just for them.

And if you’re feeling the pressure to perform, remember that you’re human, not a machine and that quality work requires quality time.

5.  Remember the outcome

Every week when I’m out and about I see the local football teams working out. I live near a high school so it’s not uncommon to see them in full gear doing 3 a day workouts. Coaches have an enormous job in keeping these teenage athletes motivated and one of the best weapons in their arsenal is talking about the end goal. Making the touchdown, going to regionals, winning the division. That’s motivating when it’s 100 degrees outside and you’d rather be at the movies than running drills.

Entrepreneurs are the same way. Sure you could be on Facebook right now watching buzzfeed videos but won’t it be amazingwhen you’re selected as a speaker and up on stage at that event? True, you could be spending your evening watching a movie instead of slaving over a manuscript but it’s all going to be worth it to see your book on the shelves.

When life requires hard work it’s easy to look for ways out. We’re great at avoidance techniques. But when the only way to the other side is getting through it, keep your eyes fixed on the result.

Action Step: Which tip do you need most when your business and life become chaotic? Do one thing this week to put this into action.

A Cure for Boring Systems

When entrepreneurs hear the name of my business “She’s Got Systems” a lot of assumptions come to mind. For many of us systems are old school – reminiscent of businesses stuck in routines, thick binders full of policies and procedures and there’s nothing really sexy about systems.
Very few people wake up in the morning and exclaim, “I need some systems today!”

Just me? Okay, probably just me.

But here’s what I have learned about entrepreneurs…

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They do enjoy consistent income, especially when it’s growing.

They enjoy free time and think busy work belongs back in corporate.

Entrepreneurs enjoy teaching but hate repeating themselves.

And maybe most of all, entrepreneurs hate hiring help that doesn’t live up to their expectations.

I could go on, but if you’re like most of the entrepreneurs I speak to you recognize yourself in those traits.

And in order to get consistent results in the areas you care about, systems are the way to go.

The problem with traditional systems is that it feels like you’re boxed in and we’ve all broken out of the mold in one way or another.

We love to start new projects, dream big, explore ideas and then Captain Killjoy says “let’s make some systems.”

Womp. Womp.

Listen, if I were interested in a boring business I’d still be working in accounting. Or answering phones.

Because I know the secret to systems that no one else will tell you.


Systems don’t have to be complicated, intimidating or rigid.

In fact the best systems are simple, easy to understand and flexible for a growing business.

Don’t believe me? Back in January I taught a packed teleclass how to build their own Operations Manual step by step and during the call we created 3 new systems in follow along fashion.

I created this class because I wanted entrepreneurs to experience how easy systems could be with the right support.

Did you miss the class? Click here to get it free and see how easy systems can be.

Great systems don’t have to be boring instead, when you have them in place you have a starting point to achieve the results you want in your business.

Action Step: Check out the free teleclass to get step-by-step directions on building your systems.