5 Things I Want to Tell Entrepreneurs

In a world full of fake advertising, misleading marketers and lying liars, I feel a little honesty is always needed. Entrepreneurship isn’t all sunshine and smiles.

It’s hard.

So instead of lying and pretending that things are always perfect, here are 5 things I want you to know about this journey that we are on together.

1. It’s okay to have self doubt. Insecurity. Worries. And yes, even crippling, paralyzing fear. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something they can’t possibly deliver, or – to be fair – is totally delusional.

Make your team more efficient

When I talk to entrepreneurs about their current teams I hear a lot of the same complaints.

“It takes forever to get anything done.”

“I have to review everything.”

“It would be faster to do it myself.”

And while we all would love a clone that knows what we know and has the same insights, experience and work ethic, if you want a better team it takes a bit of doing.

You see, even if you’ve done the thing a thousand times and could complete the task with your eyes closed, your team member probably doesn’t have all the nuances down yet.

Just ONE Thing

Imagine that you’re a contestant who has been asked to share ONE thing you know with other entrepreneurs.

Not your “top 12” or “oh and this” but the singular truth or tactic or skill that you know will better lives and businesses. What would it be?

That was the inspiration for today’s article because I know how scarce time is for many of us. And I also realize that doing a hundred, or even a dozen, things isn’t always an option.

So what is that ONE thing?

Write down how you do what you do.


Systems are the best business insurance

The conversation was meandering like a ball in a pinball machine, hitting this topic and that before coming back to the first again. And, much like my Dad’s antique pinball machine, it was fun since discussing business and systems and growth makes me light up.

We had just discussed the value in franchising and selling a business when my friend said, “we’re finding that without systems the value in a business is really small.”

I agreed and added, “systems are like… fire insurance. You know you need it but not until you need it does it become a priority.”

Give, Give, Give, Ask

For many entrepreneurs, myself included, Facebook is a double edged sword of usefulness and wasteful content which can be amazing or overwhelming at any given moment.

If you’ve ever joined a community group you know how this can easily get out of hand with dozens or hundreds of people sharing their content, posting links to programs, giving advice, asking for help or generally standing around confused.

As a long time community manager I could give you an entire series on etiquette and management of such groups but instead I’m going to distill it all down into one practice that everyone should be adhere to without fail.