Back to School Shopping for Entrepreneurs

It’s time for most students to begin the school year, and there are some great deals to be found in the back to school sales. Here’s my list of 8 favorites you can get deals on:

  1. Compressed Air - you’ll find this in the college/dorm section and since everything is on sale for cash-strapped college students, you can find some good deals on these little cans to keep your electronics in working order. Every time I pick up a new can, it’s a good reminder to give my computer and printer and good cleaning

Systems for Social Media Management

There are 2 equally important aspects of social media management systems for entrepreneurs: getting your content out there and managing the time you spend consuming.

Today we’re going to focus on not getting sucked in when those notifications pop up, so our time is well spent on the shit we need to get done.

(Like maybe blogging. Ahem.)

Strategy #1 Cut the Cord

While I may not be able to convince you to give up your smart phone, I would implore you to disable the desktop notifications from social media platforms.

All of them.


Systems for Blogging

Lately I’ve been working on systems for various types of marketing, and wanted to share some tips for blogging as a business strategy.

Before we dive in I should mention that not all bloggers are business owners and not all businesses have blogs.

It’s like this… if your blog (hosted independently, at WordPress or Blogger for example) is a place where you share posts and occasionally make money from ads or sponsors, it’s not necessarily a business.

I see this far too often with bloggers who may be incredibly dedicated to growing their following, they’re active on social media channels, they pay attention to their stats… and yet, not businesses.

Perseverance beats snooping (but snooping is more fun)

One of the things that has always fascinated me about entrepreneurship in general is that we want to know what everyone else is doing. What software they’re trying or the marketing strategy that went into a launch. We care about their brand colors and who designed that graphic and what camera they’re using.

It’s not a bad thing, but it is very prevalent.

Wanting to snoop in on other people’s lives or businesses is normal. It’s the basis of reality TV, and there’s a great amount of human interest in seeing how others live and work.

Strangling your business one censorship act at a time

The longer I’m in the online business world, the more shit I observe. And there’s something that really needs to be said. Ready?

You can’t grow your business by stifling honesty and censoring your clients.

It’s going to backfire. Loudly.

See… there’s this belief out there that anything negative is a disease and those who have a differing opinion are spreading darkness and are just your “haters.”

Sorry, but no.

Are there people out there who are never going to be happy and delight in tearing others down? Absolutely! But the larger majority of so called haters are those clients you’ve disappointed. Misled. Fired without cause.