How guilt is ruining your business

A few months ago I was in my weekly small group and we were talking about family expectations. That was when Georgine, a sassy retiree and grandma, said something that made me fall over laughing.

“In my family,” she explained, “the only thing worse than laziness was gonorrhea.”

I lost it.

I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages and Georgine just shrugged. Amazingly, I could relate. Coming from a family that was all about achievement, I understand the sentiment.

3 Strategies to Survive a Slow Summer

Too many entrepreneurs let the long, hot, lazy, hazy days of summer get them down when it feels like business is slowing down and it’s just so much easier to take a midday nap.

While it’s true that many industries report lower engagement, sales and traffic during the summer months, that means that now is a great time to get some stuff done for the months ahead. Here are my top 3 ideas for making the most of a quiet time.

The world needs makers

Summer is in full swing which means parents everywhere are hearing the dreaded words “I’m bored!” from their progeny. And while it may seem crazy that in a world of 24 hour news, the internet reaching to the far corners of the globe, podcasts and Netflix that anyone could ever get bored anymore.

And yet, you might just be feeling a bit bored in your business too.

There comes a point when you just want to scream “there’s nothing new under the sun!” after reading the same dozen articles and seeing the same old launches and getting your hundredth invite to a “ground-breaking” webinar this week.

What your business can learn from the Reddit shutdown

While not as widely publicized as a government shutdown, the privatization of subs on the popular site this week is making waves online.

For the uninitiated, Reddit is a site that boasts it is the “front page of the internet” with threads containing content submitted by users ranging from funny pictures to thoughtful questions as well as shared content from other sites and discussions on topics from Rachel Dolezal to politics in nearly every country. There are 36 million users and over 850,000 “subreddits” or subs where these niche topics are discussed.

So what happened? 

What’s your marketing strategy?

One of the first terms you’ll learn in any beginner marketing class is “low hanging fruit” and it applies to the users or clients who are ripe and ready to buy.

These are the college students to Starbucks or the Superbowl fans at a bar. These customers are already in a buying mood and can seemingly fall into your lap if you’re in the right place with a great offer. In other words, selling isn’t really hard for these customers.

But then there are the other clients – those not quite ready yet.