Thanks for visiting! I’ve prepared this comprehensive interview which is designed to answer many of the questions you may have about systems coaching and how we work here at She’s Got Systems!



Kelly, how did you become a systems expert?

I have always loved puzzles and figuring things out! When I began working with online busine

sses I could see that things were often hectic, disorganized and chaotic, leaving the business owner stressed and overwhelmed.

I could see how detrimental this was to creative entrepreneurs who just wanted to share their content with the world so I began to create solutions.

The answer was systems and solutions that saved time, money and relieved so much stress! Each system changes based on the business owner.

Why do you work with entrepreneurs?

While I was incredibly proud of work I did in corporate I ultimately got my hours reduced because I was too efficient. And instead of taking on new challenges to save the company even more money, I was cut back to save a few bucks. So I chose to work with entrepreneurs who understand the value of fast implementation, automation and appreciate taking on new challenges.

I like to move quickly because business is always evolving and changing. Systems enable faster growth and account for the flexibility we all need!

Who are your clients exactly?

I work with online businesses owners who are stressed and overwhelmed because there are not enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. They know they need to bring in a team but don’t know how to get started or what to give an assistant.

The professionals I work with come from a variety of fields including lawyers, coaches, website designers and developers, personal stylists, product sales, international travel, spiritual coaches and more.

What if you haven’t worked in my field?

Most systems are adaptable to your business, even if I haven’t worked in your industry before. It’s the foundation for business that will help you grow and actually to your benefit that others in your industry are not getting this type of support because you’ll be able to incorporate proven techniques that work in online business, often ahead of the crowd.

How are you different than other business coaches?

Business coaches primarily help their clients identify what to offer, how to promote it and how to differentiate from other offers. By staying high level they can teach large groups of clients with little individual attention.

While business coaches claim to incorporate systems in their business and do not really teach the foundations of systems. Some actually sell their own systems which were created years before and offer no customization or support.

I understand that the system that works for one business may not work for yours and don’t try to force you into a box. Most of my clients self identify as creative entrepreneurs who are not naturally drawn to schedules and crave flexibility. The systems go beyond what you should be doing to exactly how to implement your dreams and turn them into reality.

How does your private coaching work?

Private coaching clients start with a kickoff session to plan the structure of our time together. We decide together what systems your business needs around specific topics like your marketing, client processes, finances and team. Each week we meet to move these projects forward, building on proven system templates to customize your Operations Manual.

How quickly can I expect results?

As with most programs, your results rely on taking decisive action and implementing the Operations Manual created every week within your business. Unlike other programs, we won’t move on week by week leaving projects unfinished. You can expect to be held accountable to the action steps that will create results in your business but if you do not do the work, you will not see results.

While I love it when my clients are working quickly to get results in their business, I do not work with clients who are in a constant rush or experience “the house is on fire!” constantly in the business.

Couldn’t you just do it all for me?

I am not a virtual assistant; however, I have learned that this request is often coming from a place of overwhelm. Many of my clients need assistance hiring a team who can execute the systems that we create on a day to day basis.

When it’s difficult to make a decision, either due to overwhelm or not knowing the best action steps, we work together to present options for your business.

What kind of entrepreneur do you work with best and what will be expected of me?

I work with entrepreneurs who have a big vision and want to leave a legacy. Often times they’re approaching a launch and have big plans for it to go well and need a plan to make it happen.

Clients are expected to show up to the calls, take action on the plan we create and communicate openly. I also work best with clients who are unafraid to speak up with their questions, requests and concerns so that we can address all that you need in the moment.

Who do you NOT work with?

I do not work with the entrepreneur who is unsure of their business model or working on finding an idea. If you are in that place I can refer you to some great programs to build your foundation for business.

As we work together we will put into place assets you need to work effectively and leverage your time. So if you are financially desperate and not bringing in enough income to comfortably afford making those investments then I suggest we do not work together yet.

Another type of person who I do not work with is the person who chronically experiences a victim mentality that manifests with excuses and whining – we call these “sad rambles” because there’s always a problem or excuse to not taking action.

Has this worked with other entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! You can see a cross section of my clients here and you’re welcome to contact the clients on this page for more information.

What are your programs, exactly?

I currently offer custom private systems coaching packages over 6-12 months and focused programs that help you address the challenges you’re facing with clear recommendations and easy to implement systems. To discover your Systems Phase and what program may help you best find yourself on this page and request a complementary call.

What should I do first?

It depends.

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