The decision to start a business is usually born out of deep passion and a vision – but it can’t succeed without action behind that goal

For years I’ve been surrounded by inspiring people who are bursting with ideas and passion to make it happen.

But they have a single thing in common: it’s so much easier to dream than to do. And it can be totally overwhelming to consider all that needs to be done.

Maybe you feel the same way.

I live in a world of implementation where our informal motto is “get shit done” and we take a no holds barred approach to action.

It’s why, in 2011, I created She’s Got Systems as the antidote to inactivity. For too long I’d worked with clients and in companies that were outwardly successful but behind the scenes everything was a mess.

You probably know those companies. They’ve got an enviable mailing list and impressive partnerships, NYT best selling books and media appearances galore, they’re making 6 or 7-figures a year and running multiple companies in between exotic vacations and successful launches.

But those impressive numbers don’t tell the whole story and too many businesses are chasing the outward accomplishments instead of focusing on the habits that bring consistent success.

You’d be surprised how many prosperous entrepreneurs need systems.

She’s Got Systems is our solution and I’ve been aggregating the lessons learned from each of our clients, launches, trainings and workshops to create easy to follow and simple to implement systems that any business can use.

I’ll admit, it’s not a very sexy field – very few people are enamored with systems.

But you know what we do love?
• Predictable results from proven best practices
• A team that works independently and effectively
• Happy clients and customers who respect boundaries
• Less busy work and more automation
• Launches that bring in more clients and income with less work

Why did you choose systems?

My early experience with online businesses taught me that consistency is the key to success. The problem was that what worked wasn’t documented and so every day, launch and program was just like starting from scratch.

It was chaos.

So I quickly found that a repeatable system was what these companies needed and without them everything was a struggle.

“Systems feel so constrictive”

I hear this all the time – usually from the creative entrepreneurs who relate systems with rigid structure.

And I’ve found it’s usually the opposite, creating a system gives flexibility and freedom to play. I hear from clients all the time how much these systems have changed their life and business.

I want every entrepreneur to know…

Every step forward, every action you take is positive progress. It’s the reason that we include clear action steps in every article and session. If you think that it takes hours and weeks of work to see any results then I’ve got great news for you. Part of our informal motto to “get shit done every day” is in seeing results each step of the way.