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During my recent interview for Mixergy, I referenced a system that I put together for Andrew Warner and his team regarding video interviews. Below┬áI’ll share the flowchart I prepared for their team for setting up the interview and then posting the interview on the site.

When I share this with my private coaching clients I walk them through:

emails that need to be set up
filters to put in place
emails to be drafted
documents to create




Through our work together my clients are able to create complete systems like this for every thing in their business. Some are creating teleseminars, programs, events or developing a product. Others are marketing, promoting, teaching, speaking and coaching and all of these tasks require systems to operate the business with maximum efficiency.

I don’t know about you but when I need to do something for the first time (such as write a difficult email or reach out to a colleague) it can take me hours to create from scratch. With systems I can recreate and improve on the work I’ve already done, saving me time and money.

It’s not enough to create one system for part of the process, with my clients we go from A to Z and document the way they work. Here’s the process once the Mixergy interview has been recorded:



Can you tell which steps Andrew Warner can outsource? Also take into consideration the elements of each post you see on Mixergy. There’s typically a picture, some copy, links within the article, sponsorship intros, the audio file, a transcript, a headline and the video itself. How would each of those elements show up on the page for each and every post? Either Andrew would manage it himself or create a system like this one and teach a team member.

This isn’t a complete, teachable system but an overview. To be complete you’ll want instructions for sending and editing a 40-60 minute video file, copies of all those draft emails mentioned above as well as a link to the publishing calendar, the scheduling calendar and possibly even the log in details for Mixergy’s twitter account and website.

I hope these flow charts help you open up the possibility of what systems you can create in your business today. Remember to take just 3-5 minutes every day and work on one. And if you haven’t watched my Mixergy interview yet you can do so here:

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  • Oliver

    This is very fascinating, thank you for sharing these! I’ll go and check out the interview, too.

    I’m currently in the process of systemizing the company I work for. Once you are done with the charts and checklists, what are the steps to take to go from abstract flowchart to things actually happening that way inside the company?

    • Dar

      BemmuDecember 12, 2009Hi Andrew, it’s Bemmu writing from Finland. I felt a big coniectnon with your Mixergy interview, because I’ve also been involved with MySpace. I started later on, so instead of doing layouts and generators, I started with OpenSocial apps and had success too, although not quite at your scale. I have the 14th biggest app now by installs. I’ve already experienced two rising and falling stars on Facebook, going from top 20 to almost nothing in a few months. Hope everything goes well with your new business.

  • Tam

    What a great interview. I really appreciated the stories of how your clients actually implemented the process. Your flowcharts help identify areas that can be outsourced. They also show clients that computer work doesn’t just happen magically – it takes time, talent, and diligence.
    Thanks for sharing these with us.

  • Will Norman

    I skipped over your interview with Mixergy’s Andrew Warner because I really didn’t think it would apply to a two-person “show.” I’m so glad that I finally did listen to it.

    I jotted down your steps for systematizing and reviewed your Mixergy flowchart. Thank you! You’re a goddess.


    • Simone

      I think your story is a great listen for anonye who wants to build something from nothing on the Web.Listening to it again yesterday was pretty motivating. I got more done in the hours after hearing your interview than I did the whole previous day.Still, I was disappointed in myself as an interviewer for not asking more about HOW you did it. How’d you go from $300 a month in salary to an office full of great people. How’d you find all those great people. How do you keep your office so cool and fun but also productive?As an interviewer, I need to learn how to go after a deeper understanding.

  • Rodrigo Alexandre Coelho

    Just after watch your interview on Mixergy I figured out a way to bring back projects that I have abandoned because I didn’t have enough time to keep them running.
    With your interview I saw ways to outsource the process and bring back to life these old project.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Carlos

      SimoneDecember 12, 2009Hi Andrew, I just listened to your invertiew with Andrew at and I thought it was really open and honest.I don’t know if you have time or the inclination but I would love to talk about how you decided on the technology you are currently using and how you are going about finding the right developers for it. I’m actually trying to get a designer marketplace going with a lot of social networking aspects to it and so would love to pick your brain.