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Recently my fabulous mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson, made her Quick Start Guide on Attracting 3 New Clients available FREE and in re-reading it I was encouraged to write this post. While the free deal may have expired it is a great resource for getting yourself ready for success and attracting more clients to your business.

In the guide, Fabienne discusses how the universe hates a vacuum and will act to fill a void. So when she’s ready for new clients she’ll grab some blank client folders and label them:

New Client #1
New Client #2
New Client #3

Recently, I shared with a colleague how to use the same principle to attract other outcomes in your business and I want to show you how to create a simple system so you can say yes to the right opportunities!

In Gmail there’s a great lab feature called “Canned Responses” that enables you to respond with a prepared response to emails but, unlike auto responders, you can edit and personalize the email before it is sent.

First I created a generic “YES!” email in response to the request to present basic systems for online businesses to a teleseminar audience.

By saving this as a canned response I am aligning my intent to speak with more audiences about integrating systems and preparing for success.

And, as Fabienne teaches, there is now a void to be filled, an email ready to be sent. Instead of getting good news and thinking “great, what next?” I have prepared myself to hear the invitation and accept it.

In order to get in the right mindset ask yourself these questions:

Which opportunities would I love to say YES to?
If my calendar filled with these clients I would be so grateful and happy
This type of query will be such a pleasure to accept

Of course you’ll need to be specific and selective in order to avoid filling your days with any opportunity that comes along, whether or not it serves your goals. Which begs the question: what are your goals? And what opportunities will help you reach those goals?

If your goal is to grow your list and play a bigger game then the opportunities you select should reflect accordingly. Maybe you determine what the size of the audience should be and identify some key components to include in your presentation. Great! Write these into your Canned Response (get specific) and remember that these are qualifiers for the opportunities that will come your way.

From the earlier example, I expand the YES email as follows:

I would love to be a featured guest in your upcoming telesummit!  Teaching and sharing how support systems enable online businesses to grow and owners to reach a bigger audience is one of my passions and your audience seems to be a great fit. Knowing that over 5,000 entrepreneurs who are excited and motivated to grow their business in the next 12 months will be on this call fills me with joy!

Do you have a particular topic focus in mind? If not, may I suggest one of my two most popular talks that we can cater to your audience:

1. How to create simple systems for your company to make money in less time
2. Successful outsourcing – How to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck

Here’s a link to the descriptions of each talk and the target audience [link].

I would love to hear your thoughts and discuss what high value, free resource I can offer to the telesummit attendees next month. Let’s schedule some time on the phone together to create the interview questions so we can optimize our time on the phone together!

There are lots of resources for saying no, arguing that we should say no more often and to some extent that’s good advice. But first, focus on what you would love to say yes to and then we’ll consider how to systematize your no.

What are you ready to say YES to?

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  • Shannon

    Can I tell you just how much I LOVE this blog post, Kelly? My heart wants to scream a big, loud, ecstatic YES!

  • Jewell

    Thank you for this super motivating and inspiring article Kelly. I loved the idea of a prepared email response for potential clients, kind of like an expanded email signature. Brilliant!