Can you Launch without Spending Lots of Money?


In this video I give you my “Cheap n’ Easy 4 Week Plan to Promote Your Launch” and explain how you don’t need to spend a ton of money or get overwhelmed to get out there bigger than what you’re doing now.

If you attended my free launch teleclass (get the recording here!) you know that McDonalds has spent upwards of $100 Million in some of their launches! You don’t have to spend that kind of cash or have a commercial during the Superbowl to promote your business.

Watch and jot down your next step to get your product, program or service launched!

If you want more support on launching your next project don’t forget to grab the recording from my free teleclass and learn tips and tactics to launching!



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One Response

  1. Phyllis says:

    Wow Kelly-this was so great. I especially love your frame with the post its. Very nice!
    You look great, love your smile and that you are close to the camera. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!