Success Stories

We work with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs so we asked them to share what it was like working with She’s Got Systems:

Hiring Kelly Azevedo is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Every entrepreneur I know wants to experience exponential growth, but sometimes that growth comes with a lot of growing pains. Teams need to be built out, systems need to be overhauled, and new software needs to be implemented so you can handle the influx of customers and increase in revenue.

Kelly has helped me handle it all. Having Kelly as a strategist and wingwoman has allowed me to focus on what matters as I lead my company through our current growth spurt. I also have full confidence we can handle anything moving forward, and grow to even higher heights with Kelly on the team.

Full disclosure: I’ve actually had nightmares about what would happen if Kelly left me I couldn’t do what I’m doing without her.

~Natalie MacNeil, She Takes On The World,

Kelly is an excellent action-oriented coach. Working with her gave me incredible momentum. Each week I came into our call with questions and left with answers as well as next steps for moving my business forward.

Kelly’s not a distant advisor. She’s willing to get in the trenches with you and work to push things forward, whether that’s line editing copy or building out marketing campaigns in Infusionsoft. She’s also very generous with her rolodex, frequently introducing me to just the people I need for legal, fulfillment and other services. All of this is much more than I expected yet exactly what I needed.

~Maya Smart,

Working with Kelly has been so much more than just getting a new system in place.

She’s helped me build strategy and really think through my marketing and sales process. I know this will be a game-changer for my business!

~Tiffany King,

Working with Kelly helped me to far exceed my revenue goals in our third year of business. Her no-nonsense approach was just what I needed to get my practice systematized and allow for the massive growth we experienced in the second half of 2013.  With her support, I launched a new product and a new service, increased the clients I serve in my law practice and hired a key team member that has been instrumental in establishing our growth.

Now, 6 months after our work ended, my team has expanded again with my first associate attorney hire. Onboarding and training our new attorney has been so much easier because of the systems we have in place. And, because Kelly taught us the theories and methods behind developing systems, we are able to create new systems in our practice whenever the need arises. My team members and I have a “systems mindset”– we are always looking for opportunities to be more efficient which enables us to make more money and serve our clients better.

If you’re growing your business and want to streamline your processes, Kelly will help you get there faster, easier, and more profitably so I highly recommend her!

~Rachel Rodgers, Rachel Rodgers Law Office,

Before I started working with Kelly I felt my business was lacking focus and drive; everything was just too hard, I didn’t know where to focus my energies first. And then Kelly crossed my path and I am so glad she did! Kelly possesses a very calming, warm & nonjudgmental persona, I felt instantly understood.

As a intuitive type person what I needed most was someone that could meet me on that level and Kelly knew exactly what my business needed and has a real understanding of what my strengths and weaknesses are and supported me in all areas.

Talking with Kelly every week has helped me remain focused and accountable, and the unlimited email support was invaluable. After working with Kelly I now have systems in place in my business that I can fall back on, and things are now running a lot smoother and not feeling is overwhelmed and running on empty!

If you’re on the fence about doing this work I suggest that you listen to your gut, but also trust the fact that Kelly has crossed your path for a reason. You don’t have to feel guilty about not being good at everything that’s what Kelly is for, she has an amazing ability to see the bigger picture when you can’t.

You won’t look back with regret you will look back and wonder how ever did without her before and start enjoying being in business and having a life again! I wholeheartedly recommend Kelly without hesitation in a look forward to working with her again in the very near future.

~Christina Strange, Intuitive Psychic,

Kelly Azevedo is a lifesaver. At a time when my business was growing and I couldn’t keep up with the demand, she swooped in with her systems know-how and created structure where there was none! She is slowly but surely systematizing my entire business.

Kelly is helping me to get up and running on InfusionSoft, helping me to acquire and train talented people to support me in my business, helping me to launch new services and improve the services we already have and she is full of brilliant marketing ideas as well. In fact, on our first call Kelly gave me a strategy for a quick and dirty campaign that resulted in $7,000+ in extra income in a matter of 2 weeks. And that was BEFORE we even started working together!

In the half day session, Kelly met with me and my team and helped us develop a strategy to become more efficient, serve more clients, maximize the programs and content we already created and bring our vision for the company into reality over the next 6 months. As I said, if you are tired, overwhelmed and full of potential, you need to work with Kelly. She will get you to that vision we all have – to have a very lucrative business, supported by strong systems and a strong team and allowing you to do only the work you love and still have time to have a real life!

~Rachel Rodgers, Rachel Rodgers Law Office,

For years I worked as a freelance writer and hustled to deliver writing assignments to clients far in advance of their deadlines. But when it came to my own blog, it was hard to muster the same sense of urgency. I was the boss so I could change the post topics, expand their scope, or give myself more time to “perfect” them. This flexibility only lead to procrastination, missed deadlines, and an erratic publication schedule that hampered the blog’s growth.

Now, with Kelly’s help, I’ve got a clear system in place that allows me to consistently publish a weekly blog post or book review, a biweekly newsletter and a monthly book giveaway no matter what else is going on in my life or work. The first step to making the change was acknowledging that writing content on the fly was never going to work in a one-writer organization. It put too much pressure on me to be inspired and available to write just before each post was due. I needed to build in a longer lead time to allow for the inevitable disruptions caused by real life–sick days, travel delays, power outages.

Next I had to embrace the idea that done is better than perfect. I did this by writing out clear guidelines on what a complete (not perfect!) blog post or book review looks like and setting a limit on the time spent working on them. This process has allowed me to stockpile content for future publication so that getting sick, going on vacation or turning my attention to other projects doesn’t bring the blog to a screeching halt. That’s a win for me and for my readers.

~Maya Smart,

I decided to invest in a full day session because, quite frankly, I was spending all of my time focusing on client work and ‘getting acquainted’ calls that I wasn’t making any plans on my own for the future of my business. I kept my nose to the grindstone and was so busy focusing on the ‘now’ and serving my clients that I was neglecting the future and what I would do when I had completed the work for those clients. I was buried in work and didn’t think I had the time to pull myself away and take care of the health of my own business. As a project manager, I know how important it is to have a plan in place and know where you are going, but I wasn’t taking the time to do it for myself. I needed someone to sit my toosh in a chair and give my business the TLC it needed. I also knew that it would be important for me to actually get out of my office and into a different environment to get the best results. I wanted the full-day in-person session because it would force me to really focus on my business and to be accountable to Kelly who sat right across the table from me.

Throughout the session I felt incredibly relieved! Kelly had an overall plan for our day together and had created an agenda of the things we should accomplish. Her plan helped us stay focused, and at the end of the day, I felt fantastic that we had completed so much and had put plans in place for not just one, but two launches!

The big thing I wanted to cover in our time together was to create a list of topics for me to blog about and to put together a schedule and a deadline for a new IFO [Irresistible Free Offer] I wanted to release. I had been belly-aching for practically a year that I needed to switch out my IFO, but never took the time to plan out the launch of a new one. Not only did we cover those items with ease, but then we also moved on to set a plan, schedule and deadline for my much-neglected newsletter, a “blocking” schedule so that I was now able to spend one day a week focusing on my business without feeling that I was letting my clients down, creating time in my schedule for self-care, categorizing my ideal clients and then identifying the type of work I most prefer doing for my clients as well as how new clients could be introduced to working with me through a specific client funnel.

And probably most exciting because it was unexpected, was that in identifying my favorite types of work, we came up with an idea for a new service that we scheduled to launch 8 short weeks away! What a bonus to come away with an exciting new service idea that has the potential to bring a nice, new revenue stream to my business!

Since our session, I would say that it’s not so much that my business has changed, but the way I look at my business has changed. I once watched a presentation by Wayne Dyer who said “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.” That quote has always stuck with me, and it describes, to a ‘t’, what has happened to my business and me. The love I once had for my business has been rekindled. I have new things on the horizon that I’m looking forward to accomplishing, and I have a renewed energy that has been missing for months.

Can you believe it? For the first time in more than 5 months, I’m actually spending time working on MY business rather than relegating anything related to it to the very end of my to-do list (which we all know that we never get around to doing).

The results from just one day of working with Kelly are so wonderful that I will definitely be scheduling another full-day session with her as soon as my TWO new launches are complete!

~Kasey Traeger, the Lady Tech Tamer,

I decided to invest in a half day session because my business is growing fast and I believe in solidifying my foundation before building a second story. I have witnessed the results Kelly has provided for her previous clients, and knew that at this stage in the game, she would be integral in helping me get systems in place that would manage and encourage my business’ growth in a natural and organized way.

My business most needed an overall plan of attack that is consistent and easy to implement. As a right-brained person, I either pushed systems aside because they sounded icky, or things had to be brightly-colored and creative in order to hold my attention. So what would end up happening is I would be motivated one week, and overwhelmed the next.

Throughout the session I felt inspired and encouraged, as if a huge weight was being lifted off my shoulders. Kelly had really gotten to know my business and its needs during our pre-session call, and came prepared with ideas, strategies and homework assignments that I was actually excited to complete!

In our time we covered ways to tackle the inconsistencies in my business. I now have an easy-to-follow schedule for my bi-weekly newsletters, a social media strategy that doesn’t intimidate me, and the building blocks of comprehensive manuals for my designs + business operations. My assistant was involved in half of the session, which was wonderful, since she brought her knowledge of my business as well as her own ideas to the table. I now have an empowered, focused team that is excited to have a clear game plan.

Since our session, I now have more clarity on what I should be focusing on and when. Even better, I have a more of a clear picture on what tasks I can delegate out that I shouldn’t be spending my time on. I’ve even started ‘Friday MyDay’, after Kelly lovingly insisted that I take time each week for self-care to regroup, recharge, and respect myself for all that I put into building Ana Apple as the business of my dreams. Thanks for everything, Kelly!

~Ana Manzano, Founder of Ana Apple Apparel,

When I met Kelly through our networking group I was expecting to learn a little about Infusionsoft and how she works. Instead we got right into the purpose and flow of my app and Kelly gave us some incredible insights around the design, user perspective and even how to market the features to our intended audience. The advice was so on target that we implemented 95% of Kelly’s suggestions and put the remaining 5% on our development list!

Our second app from Digioh was in development right before InfusionCon and Kelly’s insights again were dead on and helped us refine our pitch during the event. If you have an app or site that needs fresh eyes then I highly recommend working with Kelly to get her unique blend of user insights, design, and marketing message!

~Rishi Shah, Digioh Co-Founder

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a systems person – so whilst I love working with my clients, some of the more ‘businessey’ sides of having my own business have been a bit of a challenge. I’d often find myself overwhelmed and doing things that hard way, even though I knew there was probably a more streamlined way of doing things.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have discovered Kelly at She’s Got Systems. She has a natural gift of making systems and processes clear, easy to understand and do-able. Her recent Get Off Your Assets teleclass inspired me to take massive action in my business – What I’ve learned from her has helped me to do my first product launch, teleseminar series and masterclass – and all in a way that was easy and enjoyable!

Kelly’s suggestions have literally saved me weeks of time in agonising rework, repetition, and fire fighting – meaning I’ve more time to focus on what I do best and give the most value – working with my clients.

~Jo Casey, Emotional Resilience Coach,

After just spending 30 minutes talking with Kelly about my program launch I felt like all the weight had been lifted off my shoulders – the weight of stress, overwhelm and frustration. In a short time frame, we were able to plan out the action items I needed to implement, step-by-step, and a completely manageable way. I suddenly felt more confident and super-charged to move forward with the next steps of my program launch and I no longer felt stuck.

If you’re struggling with how to launch your program or product, I HIGHLY recommend booking time with Kelly because this is where her strengths are! She knows program launches like front and back and the ideas, insights and feedback she gives you are priceless! You won’t have to feel like you’re doing this all alone and you’ll be getting the best support you’ve ever had when you work with Kelly.

~Bianca Filiteo, Video Strategy Coach,

Kelly was part of the very first testing group on our networking platform. Although the product was in alpha mode Kelly’s feedback stood out as she got right to the heart of the customer experience. Kelly appreciated, and noted, the bugs but the real value was her insight: evaluating our product in terms of our intended value proposition.

We have been lucky enough to have Kelly’s involved in each of our subsequent releases and she continues to provide exactly the kind of positive, constructive analysis that is vital to our improvement. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

~Alex Hunte, co-founder YakFirst,

I have the typical entrepreneur mind: there’s a thousand projects I want to start at any given moment and I don’t always know the best order to complete them in. Kelly gives me immense clarity into what projects need my attention NOW. She helps me focus on the bigger picture and implement my program systematically. But she’s not just a taskmaster! Kelly has incredible insight into effective marketing language, how to set up a tiered program, how to bonus content so my clients get added value, and more! Her unlimited email support is invaluable for making up to the minute changes and getting feedback and support.

Kelly is a perfect blend of compassionate and straightforward. She has a singular talent for cutting through the core of any confusion I might be having about my offerings and keeping me on a straight path toward my income and growth goals.

Anyone who wants to work with Kelly a year from now is going to be on a long wait list for private one on one coaching. I recommend you call her this minute!

~Lily Starling, Holistic Healer Coach,

Working with Kelly has been the GREATEST gift to my rapidly-growing business! I think as entrepreneur we ‘think’ we are a one-person show, can do everything and will always have enough time to do things perfectly, alas that is not true when business picks up and there is networking and marketing to be done. Purchasing a playbook was the most brilliant thing I have done for my business.

Kelly has taught me in order to reach more people and make more money, I need a team, a business system manual of day to day operations and template documents of my daily interactions for the growth of my baby, my business. Coaching calls with Kelly are a breath of fresh air when I feel like I am drowning in issues, complications and inefficient systems. Kelly is often the calm within my storm, level-head and laser-focused on money-generating final outcomes, and systems that me AND my team can maintain for the long term! Kelly is skilled at zero-ing in on the main discrepancy in my current system and attacks it with a new and improved and game changing solution. The Virtual Assistant she matched me with is a perfect fit and helping me improve my productivity by a 1000%! (Seriously I get my 4 to 5 day marketing done consistently every week now! When before it was just a pipe dream)

I will continue working with Kelly because as my business grows, so do my systems need to– I am so grateful to have found Kelly and her brilliant mind to help me take my business into 6-figures and beyond! I even recommend that all of my clients talk with Kelly. She will change your business and your life! (Less stress, strain, business growing pains and more money & smooth sailing!)

~Lynan M. Saperstein, Visionary Business & Lifestyle Mentor,

When I heard that Kelly Azevedo was supporting some of my colleagues behind-the-scenes, I knew that she was quickly becoming the “go-to woman” for building systems behind a business.

Before beginning the local and internet launch of a new group program, I sought out Kelly’s support to scan the launch outline and see if there were any holes. We had a great conversation, and added in a few things I had overlooked.

What I love about Kelly is that she doesn’t make you feel like you aren’t qualified to run a launch. Instead, she empowers you to be proud of what you already do know about business systems, and also offers insight and ideas that you haven’t thought of. I know that the participants in my first 30 Days of Wonderful™ program will feel a sense of ease because kinks have been ironed out on my end before we begin.

Ava Waits ~ Helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs “Feed the Source of Their Success”,

I was pretty overwhelmed with all the details associated with putting systems into my business and bringing in outside help. Kelly helped me through this stage with great skill. With her guidance I now have systems in place for my weekly tasks, instructions and training on how this is done, and someone performing these tasks for me. This has freed me up to spend more time working on my business instead of in it.

Kelly’s help with my lead nurturing process has brought in new business by identifying the customer relationship management I needed to improve my lead follow up, and we were able to use software I already owned and get started immediately. Using her follow up tips, I was able to immediately identify and reach out to a lead and closed the sale!

Being able to track my leads, assign tasks, and track the sales has been a weight off my mind and helped grow my business.

As a result of working with Kelly my stress load is much lower because I now have the systems and support in my business to enable me to grow further. Not only that, but my wife is happy she isn’t posting the blogs or e-zines anymore!

~Charles Ogwyn, Marketing Strategist,

Before working with Kelly, my emails were pretty scattered. I’d half completed the set up and using multiple emails (when it’s just me in my business!) was too much. In just one conversation, Kelly was able to easily show me how to manage multiple accounts, tag and filter emails efficiently and take the next steps so when I bring on an assistant the transition is smooth. Thanks to Kelly I can step away from the computer more often and focus on my clients and family without stressing about my email.

~Randi Destefano,

I love the reporting system Kelly uses for our private coaching! It’s easy to navigate and track action items from week to week, share resources and get feedback on my business. Already I’ve seen more clarity for what systems I need to create now and what can take a backseat as my business grows. Having someone who understands and supports my business is giving me more confidence to implement and share my message.

~Kachelle Kelly, Life Coach for Alpha Women,

“Before working with Kelly I had other assistants, but when they left I would begin fresh training someone new. As Kelly and completed our work together, she created a comprehensive transition plan that saved me from hours of work training a new assistant and looking for files. She compiled all of my contracts, an updated status on private clients, media packets, draft emails and even covered how I like my calendar for a new assistant! This transition packet that Kelly created was a microcosm of our work together – insightful, thorough, forward thinking and most importantly overflowing with genuine care!! Thank you Kelly for making my work and life a quantum leap easier!”

~Russell Feingold, Author of Heart Wisdom,