“Let’s Get Your Show on the Road” Launch Plan

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Hey there you!


Yes, you… it’s time to get OFF your assets and take action. If you have programs, products or services that aren’t getting any attention because you haven’t launched them in a big way then it’s time to make a change and I have a free, high value class just for you.

Are you ready to make sales from the offers you already have available?

Watch the video below for the whole story or read on to get all the details.


Attend the Get Your Show on the Road Launch Plan FREE Teleclass

Are you ready to learn the basics you need on how to launch your offer quickly? I’m cutting out all the b.s. and fluff to give you an action plan to get started this week – not in six month or a year. Do you have a great vision but get stuck on implementation? Then it’s time to get direct support and accountability to take action and sell your offers on a bigger scale! Stop shying away from getting out there and sharing what you have to offer and launch confidently.

 Who should attend?

If  you are an online business owner with products, services and programs that you KNOW work but feel like you’re the only one who knows about them then this is the class for you. If you need a guide to launch your business and offers in a big way or you’re frustrated by a lack of sales, or inquiries about your offers, then it’s time to launch in a strategic manner.

I’m sure you’ve seen months long, complex launches that cost thousands of dollars to produce. That is NOT what I’m teaching in this course. Instead I’ll give you the basic formulas for running a no-cost or low-cost launch in weeks, not months.


What’s going to change?


Do you wish everyone else could see and acknowledge how great your programs, services and products are? Are you ready to stop hiding and playing small and get out there in a big way? Do you know WHAT you want to do but not HOW to do it? Then now is the time for action- start by signing up for the free teleclass “Get Your Show on the Road” Launch Plan so you can get the foundation to understand and take action on your next launch. Not in 6 months, not when you finish reading all the literature and programs out there but NOW. No more procrastination, no more sitting on your assets and keeping them from the people who need your amazing support.  


What you’ll learn in the teleclass:


  • Why do you need a launch
  • Learn from successful launchers
  • The purpose of a launch
  • What does a launch look like?
  • Action steps to get started right away to begin the launch process.
  • How to tell the world about your offer
  • Committing to your offer in a big way
  • What happens if your launch isn’t wildly successful

And you’ll want to attend live because:

The call will get you into action quicker and you’ve been waiting long enough (remember get OFF your assets!)

I have some awesome bonus scripts, tactics and strategies just for attendees of the live call!

You get first access to the Quick Start Launch Program if you want personal attention for your launch and a detailed, personalized plan for your upcoming launch.

Hope to see you on the inside!


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