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Recently I’ve been recording several videos to complement the 5 Days to Finding Fabulous Help for Your Online Business series. Because although it may take just 5 days to find the right help, there is so much more to this hiring system. If you’ve come to the process of hiring in our business and stalled, then this is your chance to ask a targeted question and get additional pieces of the comprehensive hiring system.

Beginning this week I’ll post one video a week, often with additional resources and scripts, to help you as your business brings in additional support. If you’ve been fighting getting support check out these articles for more information: How Trying to Do It All Alone Inhibits Business Growth, Leverage Your Time by Outsourcing Incompetencies, Creating a Job Description, How to Test a Team Member Before You Hire, and Can I trust my VA?,

But I need your help – what are the things that have held you back from hiring? What are you worried about? I’ve compiled a short list based on my own experiences but want to hear from you in the comments. Here’s what I came up with:

firing / cutting back hours
being the boss
holding meetings

Each of these will be a stand alone video post, and I’ll be including transcripts for those of you who prefer to read. Of course, you should begin with the video series so if you don’t have 5 Days to Finding Fabulous Help yet just add your name and email to the box at the top of the page to get started. And, as a bonus, in each weekly newsletter I’ll give you some bonus tips, exclusive scripts and insights on how I or other successful entrepreneurs manage a team and these issues.

Catch up on the videos already available:

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Celebrate freedom in your business with a support team

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